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Blue Tees Golf Series 1 Sport Golf Rangefinder with Slope - 650 Yards Range Finder, 6X Magnification Laser Rangefinder, Advanced Flag Pole Locking with Pulse Vibration

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  • MASTER GOLF WITH DYNAMIC MODES - Elevate your game with our range finder golf. Flag lock mode ensures pinpoint accuracy to the flag. Dynamic scan, or active track, updates distances in real-time. The disc golf mode displays distances in feet for a fresh perspective. Remarkable precision with an accuracy of ± 1 yard makes this innovation perfect for the golf course.
  • SIMPLIFY YOUR GOLFING EXPERIENCE - Elevate your game effortlessly with our user-friendly rangefinders for golfing. Enjoy swift distance calculations and precise target locking before each shot. Our golf rangefinders boost your confidence with pinpoint yardage accuracy. Whether you're new to golf distance finders or seek simplicity and compactness, this choice has you covered!
  • THE GOLFING TOOLBOX - Inside the box, you'll find a soft shell carrying case and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The case safeguards your rangefinder during transport, while the cleaning cloth ensures a clear view for precise shots. These thoughtful additions enhance your golfing experience, making every moment on the course enjoyable and accurate.
  • OUR COMMITMENT, YOUR SATISFACTION - Get ready for peace of mind with our 2-year warranty and top-notch technical support. We've got your back and offer a hassle-free return policy for added convenience. Our exceptional after sale service includes 24-hour responses, reflecting our unwavering confidence in our products.

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