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FLAT CAT Original Big Boy Golf Putter Grips – 1.68" H x 1.26" W x 12.2" L, 1.68” Diameter, Lightweight 100g – Improve Putting Consistency and Accuracy

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  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN – Golf club grips feature the innovative FLAT1 design that squares the handle to the putter face & provides TRU-alignment to the intended target line.
  • COMFORTABLE – Made of high-quality polyurethane, the Big Boy putter grip has a light and comfortable grip feel. A comfortable and lighter-traction surface pattern provides the ideal putter grip texture density.
  • EASY GLIDE – The putter grips feature an Easy-Glide cone that allows for effortless removal from a player’s bag.
  • FLATCAT — To be a great putter, your putter face needs to be square to your intended target line at impact. The FLAT CAT is a game-changing new putter grip that has perfectly flat sides that put the feeling of “square” in the palm of your hand.

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