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Regulation flagstick, cup & pin flag to use in your backyard or other open space for practice. Use the same products as used by golf courses all over the world and on tour.

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  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE AT HOME - Elevate your golf game by bringing the course home with you! Our flag stick and pin cup are regulation size and meet the Requirements of the Rules of Golf, so you can replicate your form when you can’t make it to the course. The 7’5” pole and cup can be put in the backyard to mirror the experience you would have on the course, so you are always on top of your game
  • MULTIPLE COLORS AVAILABLE - Take your golf practice to the next level with our Regulation Pin Flag, available in both USA and Red/White Checkered designs. Standing at 14" tall by 20" long, this flag complements the regulation flagstick and cup, offering a professional touch to your backyard or practice space. Experience the feel of being on the course while refining your skills at home.
  • KEEP YOUR SETUP CLEAN - Protect and maintain your cup with our Green Cup Cover. This essential accessory keeps the cup free from debris, ensuring a pristine putting surface for each practice session. Designed to fit most regulation cups, the Green Cup Cover is a must-have addition to your golf equipment, helping you preserve your practice area for long-lasting enjoyment.
  • NO NEED FOR BIG HOLES - Discover EasyMark, your ultimate solution for adding a flagstick anywhere without the need for a cup. With this innovative tool, you can effortlessly mark your practice area and fine-tune your shots with precision. No more searching for a cup to insert the flagstick; EasyMark streamlines your practice sessions, making every swing count.
  • AMERICAN-MADE SETS THE STANDARD - Founded in 1910, Standard Golf is an American-made, employee-owned company that supplies professional-grade golf course supplies and accessories to clubs and golf courses worldwide. With our top-notch equipment, now you can re-create an authentic golfing experience at home, bringing the prestige of a course to your doorstep.

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